Pilates helps increase an individual’s awareness of their own body and emphasises the importance of a central core in normal functional movement.

Joe Pilates believed by concentrating on the flow and precision of a movement coupled with controlled breathing that abnormal movement patterns could be rectified.

Pilates consists of strengthening, mobility and stretching exercises to help resolve weaknesses, restore range of movement and rectify over recruitment thus correcting malalignment and re-educating the body.


At Pilgrims Physiotherapy we have Physiotherapists specially trained in the APPI Modified Pilates Method. As physiotherapists teaching Pilates they have a unique perspective on the way people move and a detailed knowledge of postural problems. The APPI Pilates Method was designed by Physiotherapists for use in the rehabilitation setting to aid recovery and for the prevention of injury and illness.

We offer one to one Pilates sessions with our highly-trained Instructors. They will assess your individual needs; your movement and your muscle control and prescribe a personalized Pilates program specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Who may benefit from One to One Pilates?

As our Instructors are principally Physiotherapist they can tailor a Pilates programs to any population or to help a variety of conditions:

  • Previous neck or back pain
  • To maintain and improve bone density
  • Regain or maintain Pelvic Floor tone
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Post-Natal Recovery (you can start at 6 weeks postnatal, or after 12 post caesarian)
  • Ante-Natal Fitness
  • Improve Athletic Performance
  • Improve Individual Pilates Technique

One to One Sessions ensure:

You learn the correct alignment for protecting your spine throughout movement

You can isolate your core muscles efficiently

You receive individual feedback to gain precision

Most importantly you are preforming exercises that will not aggravate pre-existing conditions or cause injury.

Benefits Pilates can offer:

 Improved core strength

 Improved posture & flexibility

 Improved overall muscle balance in the body

 Increased body awareness

 Improved stability and alignment of the major joints in motion, protecting them from injury

 Improved breath control

 Improved balance and coordination

A stronger foundation for every day activities or sports specific training

One to one sessions with our Physiotherapist will give you a greater understanding of your body so that you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates more quickly. They are also a great way to introducing yourself to Pilates before joining a class.

For more information on Physiotherapist led Pilates Classes in the local area please visit one of our partners: